🚫Loss Prevention

ProfitRocket AI's "Loss Prevention" protocol protects investors from losses by allocating project tokens specifically for this purpose. In the unlikely case that the AI bots end a 30-day period with losses instead of profits, the loss prevention fund will automatically cover it by selling some of its reserved tokens to replenish the amount of losses for the month. Investors will not receive any profit distribution for that month, however, they will also not need to worry about covering losses making ProfitRocket AI a secure and rewarding investment platform. While there is always a risk factor, we believe we have crafted an amazing opportunity for excellent profit potential with almost no downsides.

NOTE: This only pertains to the community investment pool and does not protect against price fluctuations of the PRAI token itself. We cannot do anything at all in regard to losses investors may incur from PRAI tokens.

Potential investors should always conduct their own research and fully understand the project before investing!

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