How does ProfitRocket.ai work?

It takes 8% of transactions into an investment pool managed by AI bots. Profits are allocated to token holders, the investment pool, and business operations. There's also a loss prevention fund.

What are the tokenomics?

PRAI has a 1B supply. Distribution: Presale/Liquidity=55%, Investment fund=10%, CEX listings=10%, Team=10%, Marketing=8%, Advisors=4%, Airdrop/Referral=3%. Presale is in 3 phases with different prices.

How does the airdrop work?

1,500 tokens will be distributed to 15,000 recipients. The referral program offers 250 tokens per referral for up to 30,000 referrals.

When is the presale?

The presale occurs over three months and has three phases with varying prices and token amounts.

How can I participate in the community governance program?

Community governance will be implemented in the first quarter of next year, allowing the community to vote on changes, propose improvements, and more.

What’s the strategy for losses?

A 5% loss prevention fund is allocated to cover any actual losses.

What future developments are planned?

Future plans include an app to track bot activities and profits, staking options, and a platform for the community to submit trading strategies.

Where can I buy PRAI tokens?

The presale will be conducted on the ProfitRocket.ai website, with tokens later available on CEX listings.

How can I stay updated on ProfitRocket.ai?

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, and Discord for the latest updates and announcements.

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